Finished Projects

I am cataloging all of my finished fabric projects on here. I am posting pictures of as many as I can, and then blogging about them as time goes. There are some that I made as gifts that I forgot to take pictures of, or I didn't get very good pictures of, but most of them are here. It's cool to see all I have completed, and how my quilting has evolved. Here they are in reverse order by year.


End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Shooting Stars

Baby R's Fleece Sheets



Pattern Practice Bag

"Holly's Pick" Bag

Honey Honey Bag


Baby Colt's Quilt

Oriental Triangle Quilt

Miniature Tree Skirt

Dr Seuss Quilt

The Haunted House Quilt

Dr Seuss Bag #1

Dr Seuss Bag #2

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Hidden Garden Quilt

Fruit Basket 1 Quilt

Fruit Basket 2 Quilt

Baby  RG2 Quilt

Origami Quilt

Alphabet Quilt


Denim Cabin Quilt

Denim Weave Quilt

Baby Boy S Quilt

Goody Gumdrops Quilt


Baby RG1 Quilt

Baby Boy J Quilt

Me and My Sister, Sassy Quilt

Me and My Sister, Spicy Quilt

HeartBreaker Quilt


Baby Girl B Quilt

Baby Girl F Quilt

Cowgirl Up Quilt

Desert Rose Quilt

Day at the Beach Quilt

Leap Frog Quilt


Baby Girl Bella's Quilt

Oriental Friendship Quilt

Secret Garden Quilt

Where's the Plug Quilt


1930's Thangles Quilts

The Cat's Meow Quilt

Baby Boy M Quilt

Scaredy Cat Quilt

Not Pictured:
Baby Girl E's Quilt


My Baby's Blanket Quilt

Falling Leaves Quilt

Raggy Shaggy Christmas Quilt

Not Pictured:
- Baby Boy JR's Quilt


Color Play Quilt

My First Flannel Quilt

Ride 'Em Cowboy Quilt

Not Pictured:
- Baby Girl M's Quilt

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