Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time to Move In

Sounds more exciting than it is, I suppose.  It does feel like a whole new home, though, when you move into a new purse. I don't change that stuff up very often, so it's pretty exciting when I do.

I was able to put this bad boy together pretty quickly.  It was something that I could piece quickly, and work on finishing touches here and there, which is something that's been a little more difficult when working on larger quilt projects.

I found this fabric in a neat shop in the Seattle area called Keepsake Cottage when I was visiting a few months ago. It's some Riley Blake prints that were on the clearance rack. I fell in love and was immediately envisioning a new purse out of them. The lining is a Heather Bailey print that I also found in clearance.  Such fun prints!

I did a really simple quilting on it, and of course added a BUNCH of pockets! When adding the pockets and straps on the exterior, I realized the striping would match up perfect and I couldn't resist.  It was totally accident, but it worked great!

The straps are a little longer than I would like, but it's all good! Now, I have a new bag and I can get back to work on the quilts I need/want to get done. I only have a mountain of project ideas that are calling to me.  Hopefully I can whittle that pile down a bit in the next couple of months. Here's to Spring Time Energy! Sunshine don't fail me now!

I'm linking up with NTT at My Quilt Infatuation and Finish Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts! Can't wait to see what everyone else is finishing up.

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