Friday, December 6, 2013

The Raggy Shaggy Christmas Tree

So many years ago when I was first getting into quilting, I wanted to try a bunch of different techniques to see what worked for me. One of the things I was 'scared' of was quilting, so when a friend told me about a Raggy Shaggy Quilt class she was teaching, I was all in. No quilting? How can that be?!? It was very intriguing. It was near Christmas, so she had chosen a Christmas Tree quilt. We were instructed to pick out some greens, reds (I went a little more pink), and whites and some gift-wrap looking fabric. My Mom and I packed up our machines and fabrics and headed to class. It was a lot of fun sewing in a group, and we made a lot of fabric.  We all met once more at my friends house to finish our quilts, and this was my end product...

I was super proud of my quilt. I felt like the colors worked really well together and the pattern was nice and easy.  I wasn't thrilled with the raggy part of the quilt; maybe it would be better in flannel.

I do like how the use of scraps/multiple fabrics created a stained glass look for the quilt; that's my favorite part. I also really like the gift in poinsettia fabric. I wish I had more of that fabric, I could have some more fun with it now that I have more ideas.

This quilt has been hung on the wall every December for the last seven years.  My quilting has matured, as well as my taste. I think it's time to update my Christmas quilt.  The hardest part is picking out new fabrics; there are so many to choose from. I have two different patterns in mind; a gift box pattern and christmas tree/triangles in rows. I'll continue to think about it while staring at my stain glass tree quilt and rushing to finish the other projects I vowed to complete before the end of the year.

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for finished Friday. Maybe I can find the christmas inspiration I need over there.

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