Friday, December 27, 2013

Oriental Triangle Quilt

I am on a mission to finish all of my "almost there" projects before January 1, and this one is a success! This quilt was the result of a pack of oriental fabrics I purchased at our local Quilt Show from PinCushion Boutique. I had a triangle pattern that I was interested in trying and adjusted the sizes a little to work better with the smaller amount of fabric I had. And, the end result...

This was a lot of fun to make. It was fun to work with triangles and work with all the different prints. It was challenging to figure out layout and get all the colors balanced, and it was also challenging to maximize the amount of green I had left so I could complete the border as well as the binding.

The backing is bargain bin fabric I purchased at Rosies last summer. I am excited that there's some left; I'll be able to do a fussy-cut quilt with that. Maybe 2014; I already have some ideas.

On this particular quilt, I knew I wanted to practice my free-hand feathers.  There are a lot of feathers on this quilt! I actually really like how they look, and it was wonderful practice for me. I feel much more confident with my feathering now. Yeah!

I have gotten a little hooked on the hand-stitched binding.  I really like the end result, and I'm getting better at picking up the pace to get it done quickly. All in all, I'd say this quilt went very smoothly.  Don't you love it when everything just goes together, and turns out the way you envisioned? I sure do. Okay, one more quilt to bind and one bag to finish, and I will be feelin' good!


  1. It looks wonderful! Well done! I love the backing fabric. Happy New Year too!

  2. Wow! This quilt is amazing. I love the fabric, triangles, and quilting.