Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Lonely Little Cookies

I admit it. I struggle with how large to make a cookie.  When measuring out the dough that will inevitably bake into soft, chewy yumminess it needs to be the right size.  Too little and your cookie comes out dry and crunchy; too big and it will be undercooked and raw in the center.  When a recipe calls for 1-inch dough balls, I get nervous. When I am making them for someone else as a gift, I am extra nervous.  So, I did something I've not done before; I made two test cookies...

It's hard to get even consistency even after doing the test cookies, but it did help me get a better idea of how big the dough balls should be. Once I determined the cookie on the left was a better size, I was able to get to work and make the treat bags for Christmas gifts to teachers.

Who doesn't like a Snickerdoodle? It's one of those cookies that avoids upsetting any allergies, and has a consistent texture. The perfect cookie.  I hope the recipients agree.

Now, it's time to make some test cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Oh, I can't wait to sample those and see what needs to be 'changed'. :)

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