Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teacher Gifts

Ridiculous that we are reaching the end of the school year already! What?!? Where did that school year go?!? My kids have had so much fun this year, I think they're both going to be sad they are on break. I have been investigating some stay-cation things for us to do, and I am getting a bit of a travel bug so maybe I can take their minds off things. I love that my kids love school so much!

In preparation for the end of the year, I have been working on some projects to give the teachers. I found a picture on pinterest, but the link wasn't working. That's fine, I usually prefer to 'wing it' anyway.

I made these cutie little bags out of some vintage large print fabric I had in my stash. It was supposed to be a backing but I didn't like how it looked with the quilt, so now I have 2 yards to work with.

I accidentally lined up the flower print on the front so nicely that I'm going to say I did it on purpose. I still have a couple to make and the pressure will be on to line them up so well.

I lined the bag with a navy fabric. I tried to match up some lighter colors so it was easier to see in the bag, but they were just washing into the floral print and I wanted more contrast.

The handles are mismatched on purpose. I promise. My husband didn't believe me. I made them so you can put items inside, like a lunch or snacks or books, and then weave one handle into the other so it closes a bit securing the items.

I still need to find some things to put into them, but this was the start. I got distracted by teacher appreciation week. Breakfasts at 2 different schools, and small somethings for the teachers for that, too. Meanwhile, I can sit back knowing I have a plan, I love how they turned out, and I am using fabric from my stash. Wins all around!

I'm linking up with Finish parties on Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts. Come check out the parties.

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