Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Baby's Blanket

My husband and I have been together for 19 years.  Our 10th wedding anniversary is this week, and it's amazing to think how much has happened in those many years together. When we decided to start a family, I was already picking out fabrics and patterns and thinking about how I would decorate the nursery.  At the same time, a friend announced she was expecting her first baby.

I started working on this quilt for her with the idea of doing a modified log cabin, but when I started putting the blocks together I realized it looked more like a basket weave, so I went with it. Do you ever feel like sometimes the quilt talks to you? Tells you through the fabric what it wants you to do?

The white-based fabrics are an alphabet line from Hancock's, many years ago. The yellow, blue, green, and pink fabrics were purchased at Rosie's, my favorite, and were from a line called Noah's Ark I believe.  Again, it was many years ago.

Once the top was finished, I decided to use fleece for the backing and started planning out the quilting. I liked the idea of the baptist fans (hope that's the right name), and my husband fashioned a tool to make the arch pattern for stitching. This picture isn't the best, but you can see the quilting.  Sorry about the shadows.

I was so very happy with how it turned out. I was so happy with it that I fell in love with it and couldn't give it away.  I felt so guilty, but I was able to put together another quilt for her in time (and actually it worked out because the new quilt was primary colors-to be posted later- and she ended up having a boy).

The long end of this story is that we now have a 1 year old little girl (as well as her older brother) and this quilt has been perfect for her. It took 6 years, but this quilt finally has a baby to love.  It's like the quilt knew all along :).

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  1. I have had a quilt "take-over" from me before too! It's kind of fun when that happens. It is lovely!

  2. what a sweet story! I bet your little girl loves it :)

  3. It's lovely! I hope your daughter enjoys it.

  4. Wohooo! I agree sometimes certain quilts just have a mind of their own!

  5. It is beautifully done and we all know good things take time! It looks lovely and you daughter will treasure it!