Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dolly Needs Pajamas

Last year my daughter received an Our Generation doll from her cousins, Aunt and Uncle. Just recently, she has become quite fascinated with this doll and we've been playing dress-up a lot lately. I've noticed she's more cooperative herself when she see's her dolly doing it.

Now, I always said I wouldn't make doll clothes; too many small pieces and tight corners, not to mention I will have to work with ...gulp... a pattern! But they always say you'll do anything for your children and I was ready to do anything to get her excited about getting dressed for bed.

I have been trying to figure out what to do with the fleece scraps I have, so here's yet another great project for them. I knew I needed to make patterns for this, so I used one of the other outfits she had to create simple patterns for the top and bottom. Fleece was also nice because it's stretchy, making it easier to get a good fit, at least for my first try.

I started with the top, cutting out the body and the sleeves and sewing them together. I used velcro to close the back. On to the pants; it was pretty straight forward until I got to the closure part. I had to do a little re-sewing to figure that part out.

I was worried there might be stretch at the sleeves and legs, so I decided to add a little flare and stitch an embroidery stitch around all hems, rather than doing actual hems. I don't get to use those stitches a lot so it was pretty exciting!

The pants came out a little shorter than I would have liked, but it just gave me two more patterns.  Now I have "capri's" as well as "pants" and I have "3/4 sleeves" and "full sleeves". I am actually looking forward to trying it again.

During the shoot, the models manager (my daughter) suggested we put the shirt on with the velcro seam up the front. I actually think I like it better, gives the outfit a little more interest.

Yes, I am ready to try doll clothes again.  Maybe with some of the quilting fabric scraps.  I'll have to keep playing with it. I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday. Can't wait to see what everyone's working.  Come on by!


  1. Well, aren't these cute. What sweet memories for your daughter to have, making clothes for her generational doll with her mom. Those are sweet memories that every little girl should have. nice job.

    1. Thank you . I know I look back on time spent in the sewing room with my Grandma very fondly; I hope my daughter will, too. Thanks for coming by and leaving a note.

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  3. Oh these are cute. I've recently gotten back into sewing doll clothing to outfit my granddaughter's doll. I wasn't looking forward to it either, but had forgotten how easy it is to sew knits. It even made me think (for a minute) that I could sew for myself again. Then I came to my senses. Doll clothing, and occasional grandchild clothing, is enough. Dolls are great motivators for cooperation (and you probably have also found that conversations between dolls and kids can be very revealing and helpful!)