Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So Much Fabric

After my trip to the PNW, I came home and found a fabric order I had been waiting for as well as a surprise box from a quilting friend.  She was cleaning out her stash and was kind enough to pass some along.

First, my finds while traveling. I visited a little store called Keepsake Cottage, which was just the cutest little store you've ever seen! Inside was wall-to-wall fabric; everything you could imagine! I wish I had a better list of what I was looking for because I am sure I could have found it here.

I already had Honey, Honey for a strippers club quilt I hope to start soon.  I knew I wanted a little more of some of my favorite pieces, and took the opportunity.  I also bought more of the Vintage Modern line as I prepare to do something with that. I might end up ordering some of that as well.  I want to make some stars with it, so I need to get to work to see if I need more.

I ordered the Enchanted Garden collection from the Little Fabric Shop.  Oh, this line is so beautiful, and totally different than ANYTHING I have gotten before.  I struggle with orange, but this line incorporates it in a way that was irresistible! Can't wait to find a pattern for this great batch.

Finally, the wonderful box that showed up.  So many options.  Of course, I am going to jump right on the Dr. Seuss fat quarter set.  I am already envisioning fussy-cutting the panel and using the fat quarters along with sashing to create a boxed look.

The Cat fabric is amazing and I think I am going to need some time to think about what pattern will work for it.  As for the other cat fabric set in lime green, blue, and black; it's so different than anything I would normally select, and I am thinking it would make a perfect bag.  For some reason, I love, love, love the line and feel like it's asking to be part of a bag.  We'll see.

So many ideas and possibilities! Through all this, I have also been working on using up the scraps I had from my beach quilt. The scraps quilt might end up larger than the original quilt the fabric was purchased for. I have never been good at figuring out how much to get for a project. I think I am getting better, though.

Okay, very wordy, sorry.  Any ideas you might have for the fabrics, feel free to drop them off in the comments! I know I need them :)

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  1. New follower here. Found you from your link at WIP Freshly Pieced.

    Really great fabrics! I especially love that Enchanted Garden collection. I also got some cat fabric recently to make a lap throw for a friend for Christmas (so I won't be posting anything on my blog about it for quite a while, lest she find out!)

  2. Wow, how nice! I think anyone would feel blessed with all that beautiful fabric.