Thursday, February 28, 2013

Color Play Quilt

When I first started quilting in 2003, I joined a block-of-the-month project with my mom at the local Hancock's fabric store.  It was fun because it let me experiment with a lot of different blocks to get an idea of what style I liked.

I decided to make pinwheels and a large sashing so it would be double-size, but I lost the guest room when we started having children. I thought this quilt would be tucked away in a closet, but it turns out it's a perfect play mat. There's lots of room for rolling, crawling, and even some space left for the cat to join in. 

We've also used it for some great picnics! Turned out to be a pretty useful quilt that I don't mind roughing up. I had it quilted by Arlys Bjorke locally and she did a wonderful job. I declared the quilt done in 2005, and I was so proud that I finished my very first quilt!  

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  1. It looks so cheerful, perfect for the kiddies to play on. You did a great job. What an accomplishment for a first quilt! My first quilt was a simple red/white/blue log cabin- no triangles. I once bought some blocks of the month on clearance from our JoAnn's fabric store. I had fun trying to make them work in a quilt. You can check out how I played with them in my blog from June of 2012, though the quilt was made long before that. See