Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Many is Too Many?

I hope others have experienced the same type of scenario that I have.  Lots of ideas, lots of things started and purchased and in various stages of completion, but slow on the final steps. I wanted to list some of the things I am working on and hope to finish in the coming months.

Haunted House Quilt

I was so proud of myself with this one.  I got the top pieced together in a couple days, the backing and batting all laid out and pinned and was ready to quilt before Halloween.  About 2 days before Halloween. Oh well, maybe next year. Now I have time to complete it slowly, right?

I have been making good progress on it.  The quilting on the blocks is complete with spider webs across the panel-centers and curly-cue's on the orange and purple. I wish I had changed my thread to match the orange as the black really pops out, but live and learn, right? I am still pretty happy with how it looks so far.  All I have left is the border, and I need to think about it, so I am tabling the project for a while to work on this...

Alphabet Quilt

This fabric was a panel I bought at the Quilt Show several years ago.  I liked the letters, but didn't like the 'sashing' between the letters, so I fussy cut all the letters out and added my own sashing.  Then I found a wild black-and-white border and we're ready to quilt, which is where I want to try something new; Trapunto.

I am really excited to try this method I read about.  Since some parts of the letters can be really narrow, I am going to use an extra-loft batting and then trim before adding regular cotton batting and stipling about the letters.  We'll see how it goes.

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