Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scrappy Cowboy Quilt

A while ago, I quilted a cowboy quilt that my Mom had made for my son when he was a baby. There was some leftover blocks and fabrics that I just couldn't let go to waste because they were way too cute!

Enter this little number...

I actually de-constructed the blocks that were left so I could use the strips to frame the larger squares. I also used a different white than was originally in the blocks because there wasn't enough of it.  Too bad because it was a super cute white-on-white print with stars.  It has gone into my white scrap bag now so it will be used eventually.

I really didn't have much rhyme or reason to the way it's laid out. I literally framed my squares and then spread it out on the floor to make sure I had my colors distributed. I did want the yellow and black squares to be alternated, but that was about the extent of my planning. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the finished product.

This is the closest I've gotten to doing a scrappy quilt. Just letting go of control...not sure how I felt about it, but it seems to work so I might need to try that again.

The backing is a patchwork of the leftovers; I wanted to use everything up and I couldn't handle the idea of adding another fabric to this mix.

I did a simple meander in a brown variegated thread all over, and did a machine binding this time with a solid black fabric.  Again, I couldn't handle introducing a new print into the mix so the solid black worked perfect.

This one was fast, fun, and a big surprise at the end. I am so glad I challenged myself with a scrappy quilt.  I hope I can do more of this in the future.

It's also the perfect size for a crib, so I am posting it on my Etsy Site. Come on by and see what else I have going on there. I'm trying to get some bag patterns up that have been requested. Hopefully those will be up soon.

I'm linking up with Kelly at the Quilt Infatuation as well as Crazy Mom Quilts. Ready to browse thru and see what everyone has been working on.

Also, don't forget to go vote for your favorites at the Bloggers Quilt Festival! I have a couple entries in Small Quilts and ROYGBIV that you wanna check out!

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