Friday, November 14, 2014

Pirate Ships, Ahoy

I had a break in between projects and decided to take advantage of the little time I had and get the curtains finished in my sons room.

I mentioned before, we're going for a pirate theme.  I ordered all of the fabric a few weeks ago, and I figure it will take me a while still to complete the quilt for his bed, but curtains are fast and freshen things up quick.

He was so excited when he saw them.  All I did was sew a band of the pirate scene fabric between two pieces of white fabric. I ironed the seams and stitched them in a matching color to keep things flat and smooth. It was a simple hem on the bottom and band on the top to fit on the curtain rod.

I also needed a way to keep the room a little darker in the mornings; not a problem right now but in the summer a 4:30am sunshine call can be hard on all of us. I got some navy blue sport fabric and made very simple panels that tuck inside the frame of the window. I did the same thing in my daughters room and it works really nicely. The fabric is heavy and dark, but it still allows a little light in so it's not pitch black.

Hopefully this will inspire me to get his quilt done quickly. It's next on my list...almost there.

Ready to see what others have been working on at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish Friday. Come check it out! Have a great weekend!