Monday, November 10, 2014

Doubling Up

Next week will be the anniversary of my daughters cochlear implant #2 being activated. When she graduated from having one cochlear implant to having two, I had to modify my tethering method to make it easier to use and quicker to attach.  Here's what I came up with.

It's the same design as I'd used before, but there are 2 ribbons attached to one clip, instead of one-to-one. The one-to-one method is still handy when she is only wearing one (like when we were at the beach), but when we go somewhere like the park or the zoo, I have visions of the CI falling into the pool of the lion enclosure or something.  This definitely brings piece of mind.

one-to-one method

She's super cool about wearing them, too. I think she finds it handy to catch the CI and put it back on when it's attached to the tether. I tried really hard to get a picture of her new double on, but she's a toddler on the move and doesn't have time to sit around while mommy snaps pictures. I will keep trying.

The snaps are probably the trickiest part of the construction. The ribbon is just wide enough for the snaps, and there's a lot of fiddling to make sure they line up right and there's still enough room to fit the cord thru.

The clip is actually a clip I found on Etsy that is designed to make pacifier clips. We never used pacifiers, but I bet they would work great! These clips are awesome! They have just enough grab to hold on but will let go if she tugs on them, you know, when she's sick of listening to me ;).

I wonder if there are others out there interested in something like this? I am so glad I was able to make them for her. It sure makes our lives a lot calmer. I want to see if I can find some christmas ribbon and valentines ribbon. Gotta have fun with it, right?!?

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