Friday, June 7, 2013

Two Fruit Baskets

You know when you finish a quilt (or two, in this case) and you look back and wonder, "why did I do that?"  I am kind of doing that right now.  I am wondering why I made two of these instead of one large one.  I suppose there are a few reasons, but I can't change it now.

It doesn't change how I feel about them. I am happy with how they turned out.  These were quilts I was collecting fabrics for during a stretch of several years.  I was motivated to start working through some of my projects when I was pregnant with #2. Unfortunately, my machine had different plans and continued to give me trouble.  Consequently, quilts that I started in 2011 are only now getting finished. My little girl really loves the colors, though. :)

I wanted to try baskets and came up with this pattern based on the many basket patterns out there. I wanted to maximize the amount of fruit/veggies that was showing in each block. When trying to decide what color to get the blocks on, my Mom pulled out this black and I just loved how it made the colors POP!

For the border, I used scraps to make the squares and used the last of the basket weave fabric to frame and bind it.  When it came to the quilting, once again I was practicing my template work, and I feel like I'm getting better and better. My machine, however, did not like working on the black fabric, so I ended up having to ditch the BSR and use the foot.  Made it a little more challenging, but of course by the time I was finished I had it figured out.  Good practice!

For the second one, I needed to change the border because I had different leftovers to work with.  So, I used strips instead of squares and I set it in black instead of the basket weave. I used the same template, but it was set on the block in a different position, and I simply did straight stitch instead of meander on the borders.

For the back of the second one, I had to piece together some of the leftover fabrics to get it to be big enough, and I actually really like how it turned out. Sometimes it feels like you have a whole other quilt when you have some fun with the back.

Maybe I should do what I had originally thought and try selling one on Etsy? We'll see.  For now, I am just going to enjoy the colors and think about the next project.

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts. Here's hoping you have a nice weekend!


  1. They are both beautiful! I definitely love the pieced backing! I've seen lots of people using this technique lately and I think it's great. It's like having two quilts in one. (I guess in your case that would be four quilts in two?)


  2. I have yet to make a basket quilt. I really love your fabrics. I love the pieced back too you did an awsome job.

  3. Wow, I love these! Never thought to make a basket quilt using the foodie fabrics. I'll confess that the quilt with the strips and black border is my favorite. That black really does make it POP!

  4. I just ordered my fabrics because I fell in love with the quilts. Did you create your pattern by adapting it or did you use a specific pattern and would you care to share?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words; I am so glad you like it. I adapted this block pattern from a pattern in the book "Basket Bonanza" by Nancy Mahoney and then created my own sashing and border patterns. The basket pattern was pretty friendly to follow, too. Good luck! Hope yours turns out nice!