Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mealtime

My Favorite Whisks Ever!
I admit it! I am a kitchen gadget junky, or at least I was. I used to get every kitchen gadget that came out. I used them, I loved them, and then I realized which ones are REALLY useful for me. There are still a lot of gadgets that I like, but just don't use much. And then there are the tools that get used so often I am usually pulling them out of the clean dishwasher to put them back to work.

These are the four whisks that I use THAT much! As I was learning about cooking, I didn't understand such simple tools could be so handy.  As time has gone on, I have found that these whisks make things so much easier, and are a lot simpler to clean than a giant mixer. I wanted to give a quick explanation about how I use these different whisks.

This first one is put to use every time there's a sauce or a batter that needs mixing.  The flat design works great when you don't want a bunch of air mixed in, but you need something that will help break down any lumps that might have formed.  I use this with batter for my pancakes and waffles, as well as on chocolate sauces and bbq sauces I am heating/mixing. Amazing whisk!

This more traditional design is great for making large omelets and frittata's. Anything that you need to mix some air into without overdoing it like mixers sometimes can.  I wouldn't make an angel food cake with it, or homemade whipped cream, but anything that needs a little air, this is the perfect whisk.  I think I got it at Costco Business Store years ago.  The oversized handle really helps with control and spin. Perfect!

Okay, now this one I literally had to dry off after cleaning it so I could take pictures of it. Have you ever made a sauce with cornstarch that clumps together and you are trying desperately to break it up?  I remember using forks and spoons to push against the side of the pan before. After struggling for what felt like eternity I would give up and call my husband to finish the job. And then I found this little beauty! The spring action allows you to breakdown starches that are being used as a thickening agent. I love it best when I am making stews or meatball sauces.

Last but not least, this is the mini of the traditional model. It's great when you only want to mix one or two eggs together.  I also use it when I am making buttermilk for the pancakes.  It provides just enough air to help the buttermilk thicken. This is another one that was pulled out of the clean dishwasher to photograph; that's how much I use it.

A shout out to my MIL for the awesome antique mixing bowls; something else I use just about every day. Okay, there's my two cents on whisks.  I hope others find it helpful.  What's your favorite whisk?  Love to hear what others use. :)

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