Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pirates Room Finished

I might be back on track. I cranked it out and I finished my sons Pirates Quilt! He was so excited to have it all set up. He was ready to go to bed an hour early just to hang out in his new bed... so sweet!

I got my inspiration from a pattern I found online made with this set of fabric. When I went back to get more information from the pattern it was gone. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm glad I was able to at least get my ideas before it disappeared.

If you remember, I finished the curtains for his room in November. It was both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. I was reminded every time I saw them that I hadn't finished the quilt yet.

Ha ha, in your face curtains! I have now finished the quilt to match. :) It feels good. The square pictures were actually part of a panel, but I didn't like how it cut out; it wasn't squared up. So, I decided to take a little extra time and frame of the squares.  Totally worth it.  They look so much better.

Of course, for the back I used the leftover fabrics. I don't love this look, but I like the price. I'm happy with how it turned out and think it was a good compliment to the front. My son didn't even notice so no problem.

I did a basic meander for quilting. Keeping it simple, and machine sewed the binding so I could crank it out faster.

So now I have a very small amount of scraps and a big blank wall above his bed. I'm thinking a quick wall hanging might be a good way to use those up. I need to see if I have enough, but it would be nice.

Completing this one helped me move on to another project.  Awesome! I already have the top almost completed. It will be coming soon. Until then, I will basque in the glory of my finish!

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