Monday, January 26, 2015

Local Quilt Show, 2015

I was able to make it to our annual Quilters Guild Quilt Show which was last weekend.  Very excited about this because last year I wasn't able to attend. It was so much fun, and of course one of the best parts of the Show is meeting up with fellow quilters to tour the show and compare thoughts on the entries.

It seemed there were less entries this year. We had some hypothesis about why that might be, but in the end we were happy to enjoy the ones we saw. We all had our favorites, but I snapped a couple of shots of my favorites that I'd like to share.

Admittedly, as I wondered the isles, I was thinking about my stash and what I have at home that could work with the patterns and designs I saw at the show. The first is similar to some marble fabric that a dear friend gave me. It gave me an idea about trying some window frame look. This particular fabric was hand-dyed by the quilter.  I am not ready to go that far.

The second was probably the colors that attracted me more than anything else.  I am just in love with anything pink, and this was no exception. I am also a super huge fan of diamonds, and I like how they alternated with the white to break it up. Great use of a simple white with a bold color.

The third one is such a classic I can't help but love it!  That being said, there is a story here, too. I have a set of red-stitch Sun Bonnet Sue cards; one for each month of the year. I was starting to consider doing the red-stitch and then use those blocks in a quilt...and then I saw this. I just love how they used fabrics to make the patterns of the children to pop. I think this might need to be added to my goal list for this year. I would love to finally get that done.

Finally, there was a baby quilt. I don't remember seeing a baby quilt in the show before, and this one was truly unique. She literally sewed shorts and hats to the quilt. She also used scraps from the various pieces to create borders and sashing. Very dedicated, and a wonderful finish. I don't know if I have enough clothes for each of my kids to do this much. but I am definitely curious to try it out.

Great time! Love it! So much fun to see what everyone is working on, see what the current trends are to get inspiration for my own sewing. Let's put it to the test and see if it works.

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