Saturday, January 10, 2015

December's BOM

Just like November, I really struggled with this block.  It could be the timing; the block was to be turned in the day after Christmas. Every year I say I'm going to get things done quicker and every year I feel like I'm accomplishing that.  It isn't until about a week before Christmas that I realize I put too many things off and now I'm racing to catch up.

I absolutely love the colors in this block.  The aqua blues are great! The pattern was nice, too.  Allowed for symmetry no matter how it's oriented.

I tried to wrap the lighter blue around the yellow pinwheel and use the darker blue to create some definition, but it's not really obvious in the finished block. That's okay.  Sometimes the flower pedals don't show individual definition, right?

I love pinwheels.  I haven't done a lot of them; I need to change that. I should make a 2015 finish goals list. Pinwheels would definitely be on that list. Hmm... That's my deep thought for the day.

I literally finished this block the night before it was due. I had it in time to take it to class last Saturday and was able to get my next block pack, and that's what matters. I made it! Yeah! Hopefully this is a sign that I'm back on track. With only a few blocks left; I think I can do this. I will need to add to my goal list that I complete the quilt top with these blocks. That will be the next battle.

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