Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sailboats Quilt

I have a confession...this quilt was totally an accident.  It started off as a block and turned into a whole quilt, and it is the perfect example of how I figure out a pattern.

I found this absolutely adorable quilt online and wanted to figure out the sailboat block. I did some Pinterest browsing and discovered it was a pretty unique pattern. So, I decided to figure it out for myself. I figured I'd make a couple of test blocks with some scraps just to find the measurements and then get to work with a different set of fabric for a quilt top.

And then this happened...

Yes, that's right. Once I started working, I couldn't stop. I had scraps from my Baby's Blanket Quilt and I figured it would be perfect for practicing with. They come from the line called Noah's Arc from several years ago, and I actually completed 2 quilts with it already so this makes #3.

I decided to make it real simple with white sashing between each block and then finish it off with a scrappy border. I had a bunch of 1 1/2 inch strips leftover over from the previous quilt finishes, so I worked with those and simply cut them to different lengths creating the scrappy look.

I had this wonderful yellow bubble fabric that worked perfectly for the backing. Nice neutral color that is happy and warm.

I knew I wanted to have a windblown type of quilting look, so I figured it's a good opportunity for some different FMQ work. I love how the swirls make it look like winds and waves, following both themes of sailboats on the water.  So fun!

The yellow backing was such a nice match with the front that I decided to use it for the binding as well. I finished it off with hand-stitching and my simply little label.

I can't believe this came from practicing a pattern I made up, but oh my goodness! What a gem! It was so much fun to make, and actually came together pretty quickly and easily.

I hope it will bring joy to a happy little baby out there soon; I posted it on my Etsy site.

I'm linking up with NTT with Kelly, as well as Finished Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts. It's time to get back to work on the next project. Yes!


  1. Don't you just love a happy accident? I'm sure this quilty will be well loved by a lucky baby out there. It looks so soft and inviting!

  2. That is a really lovely quilt and I love the way you went about it, what a nice 'surprise' for you!

  3. It looks so nice, you must be very pleased with how your ideas turned out.