Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day Makeup Bag

I was thumbing thru Pinterest looking for Mothers Day present ideas and came across a little squared off makeup bag. It was super cute and I have been on a small-bag kick. I thought I could fill it with something to give to my Mom.

Of course, true to my form I modified it a bit and worked with the fabric pieces I had rather than cutting new measurements. It created more of a rectangle than a square, but I like it. It sits on a table nicely; no worries about it tipping over and breaking makeup compacts. There's also good room for even larger compacts like blush and powder.

I finished the one end of the zipper because it wasn't quite long enough for the bag. The other end I was able to leave raw and just sew into the seam of the bag. Less work, and nice finished look.

I filled it with kisses for my Mom; she deserves a ton of kisses from us. And now she has a bag she can use for other things, not just makeup. She could use it for quilting/sewing tools, or pencils/small paper pads for notes, etc. It's the perfect size.

And who can resist those colors. I am just in love with the rainbow colors. This is leftover fabric from  my Rainbow of my Own Quilt. It was already cut into the rectangles so I am using it like that to make the little bags. The bottom red fabric is leftovers from my sister's Where's the Plug BOM Quilt. They match wonderfully.

The second one I had an idea pop into my head that it would be nice to have a handle on one end. I quickly fashioned one together and slid it into the seam before sewing them shut. It's pretty handy. I wish I'd thought of it before so I could have done it on both.

The inside in lined with the backing leftovers of the Rainbow of my Own Quilt. All leftovers! Used everything from the stash. Another stash/scrap buster! Love that I'm finding things to do with them. I hate to see them sitting in a box waiting for an "assignment".

I just got more zippers in the mail, so I am excited to finish some other small bags that have been on the waiting list. I also need to finish my BOM for this month. I've got a lot to do this week, I hope I can get it all done...and maybe even a little more.

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday on My Quilt Infatuation. Come on by and see what everyone's working on.

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