Friday, February 7, 2014

The Heart Breaker Quilt

Yes, that's right.  This is called the Heart Breaker Quilt.  This is the quilt that I was working on when I began having all the horrible problems with my sewing machine. It felt like nothing could go right with this one. When it was all finished, actually really liked the end product but it was a hard road.

I had been collecting red and pink fabrics for a while with this pattern in mind. I wasn't sure what size I wanted the blocks to be, but I did want a scrappy look. This was long before I was aware of the wonderful resource the internet could be. A few years ago, I decided I had collected enough and I was ready to piece things together. Math has never been my strength and the blocks ended up bigger than I'd envisioned. I had too much of some fabrics and not enough of others. But, it's all good because I was able to finish the top.

For the backing, I decided to piece together leftovers from the front, some of which never made it into the front. I had no set idea and simply worked to maximize the pieces I had to work with. In some ways, I like the back better. It's more random than the front; fits into the scrappy idea better than the front does.

Once that was together, I began planning out the quilting. I knew I wanted to practice my feathering, and I chose the heart pattern for obvious reasons.  I was starting to get kind of down on this quilt, and even though I had purchased a variegated red thread, I totally blanked out and went right to work with my white thread. Not the end of the world; the white looks nice. It really sticks out, though, and for a first attempt with feathering it wasn't the best selection.

All in all, I am actually happy with the quilting.  I think it turned out pretty nice, especially on the white blocks, lol. The binding was simply a pick of the leftovers; one of my favorites with the different color hearts overlapping each other. Adds good dimension to the binding. Huge sigh of relief that this one is done!

I would like to try this pattern again, but maybe on a smaller scale and with more mediums or different colors like a rainbow theme or something. I am glad ideas are still swirling for me about this quilt, and pattern. I thought it was going to ruin me. I can't even remember the number of times my machine went down while working on this; maybe 3 or 4? I think it messed with my mojo. I couldn't get a good rhythm. I wouldn't say my machine is 100% again. It's like when a car gets into an accident and goes in for repairs; it never seems the same. We're getting along again, though, and seem to have an understanding. Hopefully that will keep up as I have quite a list of projects I want to tackle this year.

I'm sharing my finish on Crazy Mom Quilts today. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is beautiful! Hearts are one of my favourite motifs. Well done!

  2. Very pretty! Nice job on the feathers!!

    1. Thank you! I love the look of feathers, so hopefully I'll continue to improve.