Monday, February 1, 2016

Sleeping in Comfort

Back in November, my sister asked me if I could make a fleece crib sheet for her son. Living up north, it gets pretty cold and who doesn't like sleeping on fuzzy comfort. So I pulled out some of my stash and fashioned this crib sheet. I mailed it off and he LOVES it!

I figured I'd make a few more for them with some other stash I had, and of course the After-Christmas sales on fleece.

The stash picks included a cloud print, and a red plaid. That was the wild outlier, but it's nice to have variety.

I tried to match the baby quilt I made for him, which is why I picked the solid periwinkle blue and the blue fabric with the anchors and ropes.

I used a Fons and Porter pattern that only uses elastic on the ends, rather than all the way around. It's a lot easier to put the sheet on the mattress and it easier to fold in a drawer.

For the corner seams, I used a straight stitch at 3/8 inch and then used a zigzag on the edge for a little extra security.

Then, I stitched 3/8 inch all the way around, leaving a gap to be able to thread the elastic thru.

Finally, after threading the elastic thru, I secured the elastic ends and finished the seam. All done! Super fast and easy, and seriously the best sheets for a crib E-V-E-R! It makes me wish I had a crib to put them on. :( Oh well, I will send them off to my sister so they can enjoy them.

Feels good to get this off my sewing table. Hope I can keep this momentum going. I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Come check out what everyone's been working on.

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  1. I just love your sheets. I need to get that pattern.