Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole Wheat Pancakes

This last week has been rough.  My oldest came down with Croup; my first round with this.  He's the kind of kid that rarely gets sick, and doesn't complain much when he's not feeling well, so I knew it was bad. I didn't get much done last week because I was taking care of him while trying to keep my daughter healthy. No luck; we seem to be onto round two.  I guess she'll be down for the count this week.  Good thing I have these healthy, yummy pancakes I can make for them.

Being stuck at home, I was playing around with my regular recipes and decided to try my pancake recipe with whole wheat instead of white flour.  They turned out so super yummy! My son even asked for seconds! I was happy I found something he wanted to eat, and couldn't get enough of. Over the weekend, I made pancakes again and forgot to do the whole wheat flour thing.  He asked where the wheat was.  Love him!

I actually didn't use only whole wheat.  I mixed white and whole wheat half and half. I also found that these don't reheat as well if you have leftovers.  The originals reheat pretty well, which is nice for someone like me who can't handle wasting any food. Clearly, my son is willing to help me clean everything up. Maybe some more pancakes? Oh yeah!

I am trying out a new blog link-up at The Prairie Homestead. Come and check out all the cool things everyone is up to.  Such a neat idea for tips to live more simply. I'm on my way to go see what everyone's up to, too. Enjoy!

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