Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Still Working on the Garden

Still plugging away on my rainbow garden quilt. I finished the last of the blocks on my rainbow quilt that I could and made columns to see what it would look like put together.

I tried to lay it out so it would look like it had the arch of a rainbow...

And then I tried to create an up-and-down stagger to create a wind-blowing look...

So, I'm looking at it, and looking at it, and I realize I need more flowers. I hunted down some more green fabric (the color I ran out of) and I began work on them.  Hopefully I can get them done tomorrow and see how it looks with the new additions.  The blue in the background on the top of each picture was a fabric I picked up for a border, but I have since changed my mind and think I will just use the green to give it a real garden feel.

I am also thinking about making some little mini-flowers with the scraps; maybe for pillows? We'll see. I just love this fabric so much I want to use every scrap of it in something.

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