Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Oh, it's finally feeling like there's relief coming! We are cooling off to the 60's at night, and it's so dry that our 90's in the day aren't so bad. This kind of weather is really getting me in the mood to go along my crafty-merry way. I bought some more peaches to can so I could try using fruit juice instead of sugar water.  They turned out great; it was so exciting! I can't wait to do more.
I had some leftover sweet potato from dinner the night before and decided to try it in my potato pan roll recipe (to be posted soon). Oh, it smelled so sweet and wonderful while it was baking; truly a fall bread.

They turned out wonderfully! They were a little sweeter than the originals, but otherwise turned out great! I am going to get these recipes up here soon.  It's such a versatile recipe that's pretty easy (as far as yeast bread goes). My daughter was really getting into helping as well.  She was super curious, she even pushed the chair over so she could watch. I moved the chair closer to the counter where I was kneading, and my-oh-my, she was in kiddo heaven as she flung her arms through the extra flour typically used for dusting my hands. I think I am going to have a helper in the kitchen in no time. Yeah!

I also got cranked up and in the mood to get the quilting done on the Dr. Seuss Quilt.  I am so excited to finish this one.  I decided, since the quilt itself is so off-beat, I would make the quilting a little off-beat, too.  I am practicing a bunch of different, more modern stitches.  I have the bubbles, squiggly lines in two different directions, clamshells, and squares. I am surprised with the squares; I thought they were going to be more difficult for me.  I can't wait to see this puppy finished!
So, I really have been working on things.  It's just been so busy, busy.  October is already full of family outings and preparation for Halloween, and then we are in the holiday season and it will be go, go, go. i already have a couple halloween quilts I can't wait to share, but all in good time. For now, it's time to get back to work.

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