Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy for Sweet Treats

For my son's birthday party I wanted to make cupcakes.  From scratch. I have tried this before, but they never seem to come out as soft and moist as the box mix.  I think the recipe I tried this time did a pretty good job, but it's something I am still working on.
One of the recipes I tried, but wasn't so pleased with, was a recipe that incorporated banana's into it.  I'm thinking, healthy boost in my chocolaty treat? Sounds like a good deal!

Well, they look good, and they tasted pretty good, but the texture wasn't right.  Too much like a breakfast muffin instead of a cupcake treat.  That's okay, the kids and I were able to destroy the evidence, and maybe I can find a way to turn this recipe into a yummy, and slightly healthy, breakfast treat.

I don't think I'd hear any complaining from the kids if I experimented with that. :)

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