Saturday, June 7, 2014

Who'd have Thought...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty brutal as far as temperatures go.  We have been hitting records of 106-107 degrees, and I am loving every minute of it! Why, you ask? A wonderful thing happened in our house last month...we removed the evaporative cooler from our house and replaced it with an air conditioning unit! It has been the most wonderful birthday/mothers day present ever! EVER! I am so comfortable in the house now, even though we are breaking records outside. On top of all that, I am actually willing to use the stove and oven.  I don't live in fear of heating up the kitchen with basic household appliances.  I don't melt to a puddle on the floor when I need to open the oven.  Don't get me wrong, I still don't want to unnecessarily heat up the kitchen, but sometimes you just gotta get your cookie fix, right? Right?

So, I tell you that to tell you about an interesting discovery I made today.  I absolutely love to bake and "practice" on a regular basis, so when it comes to making a recipe that I have memorized and therefore don't need to pull the recipe card out, I go pretty fast.  I know the order, I know the amounts, I got this; or so I thought.

I made my chocolate chip cookies as usual, but when placing them on the baking sheet, I found the dough was a little dry.  The cookies still taste good, but this means we will have to eat them faster because they will dry out quickly.  Bummer for us; eat more cookies, and eat them faster!

When I mentioned it to my husband, he pointed out the fact that I've been baking with an evap cooler for so many years now maybe the A/C means I need to adjust the recipes? What?!? Could it be?!? That's wild! You know those times you feel like the last one to the party? Well, I'm just glad I'm here, and I can't wait to "practice" baking all over again. It should be interesting, and exciting, to see what differences there will be in some of my fave's, like the Potato Pan Rolls or my Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies. Mmmm, time to get to work.

A BIG thank you to those that read through my goofiness! I'm just so excited about this.

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