Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vintage and Quilting; Hand in Hand

As I have cruised to everyone's different blogs, I notice a common theme.  A lot of quilting people are also into vintage items.  For me, quilting feels like a connection to a simpler time, and helps me connect to my grandmother who was a wonderful seamstress (and incidentally didn't enjoy quilting so much).  I think back and envision women sitting together at a quilting bee, stitching away on someones quilt to help her finish it more quickly, meanwhile children playing, and animals wondering about. I think vintage items do the same thing.

I am always keeping an eye out for vintage things, and I came across this collection of Glasbake Ovenware. They were so sweet and cute, I couldn't resist.  Then I brought them home and found that I already have several of the pieces in my collection. I suppose that's no surprise. :)

So, I have decided to sell them on my Etsy site. Some great pieces in wonderful condition.  And totally functional! These are items that you can use in your kitchen right now, and add a little style to your dinner table. Come on by and see what's new at Crooked Tail Crafts on Etsy! I also have them linked in my Crafts for Sale section of my blog. Love the support! Thanks so much!

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