Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Piece of Bliss!

So, I was experimenting with a recipe I found on Favorite Family Recipes called Hawaiian Beef Teriyaki.  I liked that it was real simple to marinate and cook, and the meat was really soft and tasty.  I was really happy with the recipe, but I couldn't help but wonder what else I could do with it.  I had leftovers and was playing around and decided to make a sandwich.  I thickened the sauce a little, and O-M-G!
You need to know the quick back-story.  There's a restaurant in town called Risky Business.  There used to be one right up the street, but they closed and now the only locations are about an hour away; too far with 2 little ones in tow. It's exciting when I get to go, though, because they have a sandwich called the Steak San Diego.  It's such a wonderful balance of sweet and savory, and I just cannot get enough of it!
So, I bit into this little creation I came up with and was utterly speechless (mostly because I couldn't stop eating) at the fact that it tasted just like my favorite sandwich! I can actually have this at home whenever I want! YEAH! On top of that, it's pretty simple to make, and something that you can put together during nap time so it's ready to cook and serve at dinner time.  Love that!

My Version of the Steak San Diego

1 15oz can pineapple chunks with juice
1 c soy sauce
3/4 c brown sugar
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
1lb skirt (or sirloin) steak, very thinly sliced*
2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 c water
8 slices provolone cheese
4 rolls

Mix together the pineapple with juice, the soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger. Reserve 1/2 c of the sauce mix; cover and refrigerate.  Add beef to the marinade and refrigerate at least 4 hours.  On prepared grill at medium-high heat, grill steak about 1-2 minutes to desired doneness. Remove and place in large saucepan. (I have also cooked this on the stove top in a pan and it also works great!)
Add reserved sauce to the meat and heat to a simmer. Mix water and cornstarch together and add it to the meat. Heat through and allow sauce to thicken.
Meanwhile, toast the rolls with 2 slices of cheese on each. Add the meat to the roll and serve. If desired, serve with pineapple slices (grilled or not).  You can also saute some onions and add that to the sandwich; tastes amazing.

*Quick Tip: To slice meat super thin, put it in the freezer for a little bit before cutting.  You don't want it frozen solid, but it's easier to slice thin if it's a little more firm on the outside.

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