Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trying to Remember

So many, many, many, m-a-n-y years ago my wonderful grandmother taught me to knit. She had a bunch of books for reference that described simple stitches to get me started. I had already struggled with crochet, so I thought maybe this would suit me better. Loved it!! It was fun to see the progress, take it anywhere, and of course try new patterns. The only problem was, as a young tweener I didn't know what to do with my creations.

Similar to some of the fabric I've purchased over the years with grand plans, they sat. Life got away from me and I didn't have time to crack open my beautiful knitting/crocheting case my grandma gave me.

Fast forward a couple decades and I am in a new phase of life. A big part of why I haven't been able to quilt (or blog) much is that I now spend a lot of time in the car. That's right, I've upgraded to the minivan and I'm officially the family bus service. 2 different schools (on opposite sides of town, yeah), gym class for him, speech therapy and dance class for her, throw in special activities and my monthly quilt class and I am clocking a lot of hours...and miles. I have struggled to find something portable I can take with me to work on in my down time between activities or sitting in the car, and then I remembered Grandma's knitting case.

I busted it out in January, so very excited to make some leg warmers for the 2 days of winter we had coming. I assumed 3 weeks would be plenty of time. Silly me. What was I thinking? But, I finally did it! Winters last stand. Low 60's with a few rain drops for a day and I was prepared.

I had a lot of fun with the project though. It was tough to remember some of the stitches and coding; of course nowadays we have youtube to help with that. What would Grandma say?!?

I now have started working on a headband. I am practicing increasing and decreasing stitch counts and wanted to try smaller needles. How cow, size 3 makes a small and tight stitch. Awesome challenge though. Let's see how long this one takes me.

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