Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quarterly Goal Check

Well, it's been three months since I wrote my goals for the year and I figured it's probably time to check and see where I'm at with them. So...

10 Things I want to Accomplish in 2015:

1. Finish my Vintage Stars Quilt - quilting and binding 
***Update: I pinned this and tried to quilt it, but my machine is so frustrating I had to stop. I love this quilt so much I don't want to mess it up and I've already picked twice. I have been practicing with manual quilting vs. BSR, so I might try one more time.

2. Finish my son's Pirate Quilt 
***Complete!! Yeah! I even got a wall hanging done to match.

3. Finish the Alaska Stars Quilt - order more fabric to accomplish this 
***Not yet, but I did complete another Alaska quilt in the meantime, if that counts at all.

4. Make at least one Alphabet Quilt 
***Not yet

5. Complete a quilt from something pinned on Pinterest 
***Not yet, but I have done some recipes from Pinterest

6. Add at least one tutorial to the blog 
***Not yet, but I have some ideas

7. Complete a quilt pattern to post on Etsy 
***Not yet

8. Complete the BOM quilt top 
***So close. I've finished all the blocks and am in search of sashing and borders.

9. Make a quilt for the sofa for hubby
***Not yet. On the fabric hunt

10. Minimize fabric purchases to only necessities/work thru stash 
***On-going, but I feel like I've been doing well with this, especially when it comes to backings.

So far I'vc only been able to cross one off the list. I feel like I'm getting close on some of them though. At least three of them are on their way. Hopefully at the next check I'll be able to cross more off. I am on a mission to get the BOM quilt done quickly, unfortunately it means I'll need to buy fabric, which goes against #10. 

The sofa quilt for hubby also goes against #10. He asked why I don't use what's in my stash and then he looked at it. There's a lot of pink, yellow, and blue. Not really his colors. I have ideas, it's just a matter of finding the right fabric for the right price. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work thru my stash and try to use as much of it as possible without buying too many new pieces. Let's see where I am at the end of June. Until then, it's back to work.

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