Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adding to my Etsy Site

I feel like a fledgling eagle trying to figure out how to fly in the soaring skies ahead of me.

I am still working to strengthen my Etsy site and figure out what best works on the site. I have so many ideas and it's hard not to flood my page with all of them at once. But the scientist in me says I should pace myself and go slow so that I can truly understand what's best for my shop.

That being said, I have been adding items here and there over the last couple of months but haven't really posted much about it. The summer has just been so much fun! I am finally playing a little catch-up and have listed all of the items on my page here on the blog titled, Crafts for Sale.

Here's a preview of the most recent items listed:

I'd love to have everyone stop by and check it out.  Spread the word and let friends know. What works best? Vintage items? Crafting supplies? Finished products? Something I haven't thought of yet? I am so excited to see this project of mine accomplish success.

Thanks so much for the support! The blogging world has been so wonderful!

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