Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baby Shower Gifts

I don't have too many friends still having babies; I was kind of at the end of the line with all of it. So I was pretty excited when a friend was expecting her first little girl (she has an older son). I was so happy when I found out I was having a little girl after having my son. Boys are awesome, but so are girls and it was nice to have a mix.

I got together with our group of friends and we decided to do "themes" for her. One picked bath time, one picked diaper changing, and I picked the diaper bag. I love bargain shopping and went on the hunt. I was thrilled to find the same diaper bag I use (Columbia) on clearance so I got a great price. Then it came to thinking about what I really liked having in my bag.

I found a travel/restaurant mat for eating finger foods (LOVED that! Very handy.). Of course some baby wipes; I don't know about you but I still carry wipes even though I don't do diapers anymore. It is so handy with messy kiddos. I also found a couple cute toys and pacifiers, but it felt like something was still missing...

I had particularly messy babies. They were both great eaters, but they blurped a lot and I dreaded the thought of not having a burp cloth with me. I carried two with me at all times, you just never know. I also kept a receiving blanket in the bag for ease and comfort during diaper changes in public places.

I didn't have much time left to prepare. Fortunately for me my Mom had all the supplies I needed. Flannel, check. Cloth diapers, check. All I needed to do was cut and sew and I was ready to go.

I made five burp cloths in total, but 2 of them match the reversible blanket I made. I did not pre-wash the fabric; I rarely work with flannel in our heat and didn't realize the two pieces would shrink so differently. I washed them for her before putting them in the bag and discovered my seams didn't line up so well afterwards. Oh well, it's just a back-up to keep in the bag. No worries.

I hope she enjoys the pieces as much as I did. It was a lot of fun putting it all together. Just walking into the baby stores, smelling that smell and seeing all of the adorable baby clothes brought back so many wonderful memories. It was an amazing time that I dearly miss and hold precious.

Now it's back to my amazing preschooler and grade-schooler. They too have their own treasures to share with me. I don't want to miss any of it.

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