Friday, November 15, 2013

Planning out Quilting Patterns

Not a very catchy title, I know, but I am so distracted by how helpful this tool is I can't even think of anything else. I was hoping to have a quilt finish today, but I lost track of time while trying to plan out the quilting on my latest project that I didn't actually get any quilting done.  This is how I was doing it...

Isn't that so cool!?! Let me explain. Several months ago on a Fons and Porter episode, they had a guest quilter showing some of the modern quilting stitches.  She showed some of the viewer tips, and this one caught my interest. It seemed like such a simple idea, and so helpful. It's basically a piece of clear vinyl with painters tape framing it.

I have to admit, when I'm figuring out what quilting to use on a particular project, I hate making practice swatches.  I like to 'practice' right on the projects I am doing.  I want to see how it looks on the actual project, for better or worse.  This tool allows me to draw with a dry-erase marker on the quilt. The quilt doesn't get hurt, I can practice my technique, and I can see how something is going to look before I start.  I can also use it to just practice in general.

I totally hate the loop meander.  I am no good at it.  I always make it too small or too big.  With this I can practice and practice without wasting paper or fabric, and without hurting any of my quilt projects. Awesome!

I'm linking up today with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finished Friday. Looking forward to seeing what everyone if finishing up.  I am starting to feel the end of the year pinch.  Lots of things I want to get done before 2013 is over. Can I make it? We'll see.


  1. Darn I should have kept that clear vinyl I had leftover! Great idea and thank you for sharing!

  2. OMG I'm so excited I can't wait to try it