Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scrappy Donations

A friend was helping someone clean out her mothers house and they came across a bunch of fabric, including a big box labeled, 'quilting pieces'. She immediately thought of me.

Look at all these fun pieces to play with. I love the vintage sack fabric squares and all of the pieces that will work great for my crazy quilt.

There also were some unfinished bib projects with vintage style. I debated making bibs out of them, or using them for something else like taggy blankets, burp clothes, or even a more modern bib with the pattern on the front. We'll see.

Finally, there were these pieces of santa fe fabric. Not something I usually go for, but I really like the colors on the red piece and the flowers blooming on the cactus. I thought maybe it's time I make something santa fe-ish. I am already brainstorming some sashing and border fun to help bring this fabric out of the panel.

I'm curious to get to work on these. Can't wait to see what they all end up looking like. We'll see.

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