Friday, August 7, 2015

Her Little Dance Bag

My daughter started a ballet/tap combo class this summer and needed to get all the gear. It means tights and leotards and dresses and skirts. She loves it all! It also means two different pairs of shoes that are only to be worn on the dance floor, so she needed a bag to carry everything to the studio.

After cruising pinterest for a bit, I found a pleated bag that seemed like it would work well. The pleats allow it to "sack out" at the bottom, holding the gear well so if she sets the bag down it won't spill out.

The glittery dragonfly fabric is actually leftover from a baby quilt I made my niece several years ago and blogged about here. It has just been waiting for the right project. I had the purple in my stash and it matched perfectly (and happens to be my daughters favorite color, score!).

Once I completed the exterior panel with the pleat, I made the interior one in the same manor. This makes the bag reversible, although I don't know why we'd hide the pretty glittery fabric.

The final step was completing the top and straps. I put stabilizer in both to help create a more sturdy top; the better to hold the gear in. Worked great!

This bag went together so quickly and easily, I'm thinking I might try to put together a tutorial on this. When I was searching I couldn't find any tutorials for this simplistic approach. Now that kids are in school, I might actually have a little time to do that.

I'm going to link up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Friday Finish parties. Come by and see what everyone's been working on. I'm just thrilled I finally was able to finish something.


  1. So pretty-I bet your daughter feels like a real dancer, being able to carry all her gear in such a unique bag!

  2. Such a pretty little bag for a dancing girl - great job.