Friday, January 31, 2014

Comfy Slumber Makers

Yeah, I figured I needed to come up with a title catchier than 'pillowcases'.  Not that there is anything wrong with pillowcases.  They keep our heads comfortable all night. They should be soft, warm, cuddly. It seems the ones at the store don't always add up. They can be scratchy and rough; no good when you're trying to sleep.

With kids, it's fun to have different pillowcases with their favorite fun character or category.  My Mom has made my son Cars pillowcases, dinosaur pillowcases, and of course holiday cases for Christmas and Halloween. While visiting my sister, we were looking for quick projects we could do to try out her new machine.  She found some flannels on the sale table at Pacific Fabrics, and came up with the awesome idea of making some pillowcases.  I hadn't tried making one before and was intrigued.

The first one has a little fairy princess flying around. Perfect for a little girl.  So easy to make, too.  I couldn't believe it! Why haven't I done this before? The pattern allows you to hide all of the seams so everything stays strong and clean.

The second one was monkeys. So the cuff doesn't match great, but the theme is there (with the bananas) and my sister loves red, so it's all good. Again, super easy pattern with hidden edges so it's a real clean finish.

These were both washed and promptly placed on my nieces pillows. I am definitely going to be making more of these. My daughter will be getting her first bed in the next few months and we'll be needing more pillowcases.  Better get ready!

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  1. Super cute pillowcases! The fabrics you used are great - lots of fun and very colorful. I was thinking about making a few pillowcases too - and looking at yours really makes me want to try!