Friday, September 18, 2015

Birthday Thank You's

I admit it. I have been totally checked out of paper crafting. There's been too many distractions and we are at that awkward stage where my kiddos want to "help" but I'm not ready to share my tools yet. They're getting there, though, and we've been doing a lot of crafting with their tools instead.

Now that everyone is back in school (including me, yeah!) I have a little more alone time to get things done, sort of. My Son's birthday was this month and he received some wonderful things from our friends and family. This gave me a great opportunity to get back to work and make some cards. Wow, did it feel good!

It's always a little tricky to make thank you cards from a boy. I wanted them to be from his favorite colors, and NOT have any's really hard to find paper that doesn't have any flowers on it.

I also wanted to give the card a little depth and texture without doing too much extra so I puffed up the "thanks" square while the others are not.

Simple, fun, little-boy style. and hopefully well-received when he gets them out by Monday. He has a little homework to do this weekend. Time to get to work.

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