Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly Menu, April 17

Wait, what week is it? Am I really a week behind? Man alive, last week was a blur, and I worry this week will be just as blurry. We only have a couple calm nights mixed among a bunch of craziness. The county fair is here and who can resist a trip to see the animals and enjoy the rides. We also have baseball galore, and our anniversary (almost a month late) will finally be celebrated...maybe.  After the last few weeks a little break sounds super nice.

Last week we did pretty well sticking to things. I tried some new things for Easter dinner this year. We have always done turkey for every holiday meal. That's all good, but I lost track of time and forgot to make my potato pan rolls so I tried a new bread roll recipe that was a bit faster. They are good, but almost seem better for sandwiches rather than side rolls. I'll be trying them again for sure.

I also ran out of time to make pies (mainly because they need to chill) and my husband suggested it might be nice to try carrot cake. My mom had a killer recipe from our close family friend that I've been wanting to try. I don't know why I haven't tried before! It was AMAZING! So moist and rich and of course creamy frosting with a little tang from cream cheese and sour cream.

It was originally a sheet cake but I wanted a layer cake so I made some modifications. I also modified the frosting a bit so it would cover more. We will totally be having this again. In the mean time, we have a new meal plan for this week that's a little nuts.  I'm really hoping I can stick to it, but it will be pretty rocky, mainly for dinner.

*kefir shake

banana muffins
scrambled eggs
graham crackers
apple slices
Turkey dinner leftovers with all the fixings
*kefir shake

oatmeal w/fixings
ham & cheese slices
carrot sticks

Mac n Cheese
carrot pieces
sliced sausage
*kefir shake

biscuits & jam
sausage links
pepperoni pizza pasta
cucumber slices
pita bread
Dinner at the Park
turkey rolls
sun chips
*kefir shake

cinnamon toast
HB eggs
chicken roll ups
pirate booty
snap peas
Dinner at the Fair
*kefir shake

biscuit sandwiches
PBN crackers


*kefir shake

roll up pancakes
scrambled eggs
Lunch at the park
mashed potatoes
carrot slices
*kefir shake

grilled cheese
sun chips

ground beef chimis
refried beans

On a side note, we are really enjoying the baseball season, even if it does totally muck with our dinner routine. It was bound to happen and we can do this, with a little planning and preparation.  Have a yummy week! Enjoy!

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