Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yummy Cookie Craze

I know, I know, I've been MIA lately. Trying to finish up my class this semester, and get as much done as possible before kids are home for the break has kept me hopping. I am really hoping to get back to some more crafting in the new year. I have lot of ideas flooding my head, which is super exciting.

But, for now I have been working on the teacher gifts. We finish up the fall semester tomorrow, so I was feverishly trying to get cookies baked and small tokens of thanks purchased for each teacher for distribution today.

Success! How cute are these little gems! In the mix I included snicker doodles, molasses cookies, and m&m cookies.

I might have gone a little crazy. I ended up making 18 dozen cookies for 6 teachers; 6 small boxes. That's okay, now we get to enjoy the leftovers.

I figured out a couple things thru all those dozens and I want to jot it down so I don't forget.

1. USE A SMALL MELON SCOOP - Works like a dream, especially when the dough has been chilled. I was able to crank out a bunch of little drops, then roll them all. There is still a little size variation, but not enough to be concerned.

2. TURN THE OVEN DOWN - I didn't figure this out until I got to the last few batches, but man did it make a difference. They came out a little softer and chewier with being raw. I'm only talking a 25 F drop, so 325-350 F depending on what the starting temperature was.

3. SHORTEN THE BAKE TIME - This one I kept a close eye on. Similar to making mini-muffins, the cookies will bake faster simply because they are smaller.

4. DON'T SLOW DOWN - One thing I love about these smaller cookies is that there is very little down time. You're not sitting around waiting for the timer to beep. You're rolling the next batch, or removing cookies from cooled sheets, or reloading the sheets after you've taken the baked cookies off. It helps make the time go quickly.

My two cents on these tidbits. Hope they help you out a little, too.

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