Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quarterly Check Up

Time for the 2nd quarter check up. Really I'm late, but at least I'm in the right month. I can't say I have much to report, because I have been focusing on the kids for the summer time and it's not left much time for any of my projects.

Let's take a look at how I'm doing...

10 Things I want to Accomplish in 2015:

1. Finish my Vintage Stars Quilt - quilting and binding 
***No progress on this since the last report. I did pull it back out and have been working slowly here and there. Maybe when school is back in?

2. Finish my son's Pirate Quilt 
***Complete!! Yeah! I even got a wall hanging done to match.

3. Finish the Alaska Stars Quilt - order more fabric to accomplish this 
***Still nothing yet. 

4. Make at least one Alphabet Quilt 
***Almost finished! I am in the last stages of quilting this and will get the binding done soon. 

5. Complete a quilt from something pinned on Pinterest 
***Not yet

6. Add at least one tutorial to the blog 
***Not yet. I feel hung up on this one because I don't like math so much and I keep thinking about the simplicity of using EQ7 software. I'm hoping I can get over that when school is back and I can concentrate.

7. Complete a quilt pattern to post on Etsy 
***Not yet, see #6

8. Complete the BOM quilt top 
***So close. I've found the fabric I want to use for sashing/borders and just need to get it all together now.

9. Make a quilt for the sofa for hubby
***Not yet. On the fabric hunt; I am getting lots of sad faces from him on this one.

10. Minimize fabric purchases to only necessities/work thru stash 
***Doing well at this, but I can't help but wonder if that's because I haven't gotten many projects completed. Hmm...

It has been a slow quarter. Another thing that has been distracting me is the addition of some new items on my Etsy site. I really love the tethers I make for my daughters cochlear implants and have been working to find new ribbon that's fun and comfortable. I've added several of those to the site and have some more I completed yesterday I need to post. I also completed a bunch of small bags that are perfect for keeping track of all the equipment necessary for travel and daily upkeep that I put on the site. Those are projects I can do quickly and with distractions. 

Here's hoping I can get some more work done in the 3rd quarter. I'm ready to go.

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