Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BOM for August

So silly that I am here at the end of the month and once again I am racing to complete the block of the month. I am going to use the excuse of summer time; lazy days, busy kids---that are at home all day--- and trying to find ways to stay cool in the heat. All that said, it felt so good to sit down at the sewing machine again and get a little piecework done.

I am really enjoying the ombre color gradient fabrics. It's so much fun to play with layouts to maximize the use of the gradient. This particular pattern felt a lot like the Night Vision block. When I look at it I feel like it's folded origami.

When I first cut the fabrics I was a little concerned about putting color against color instead of breaking it up with the black. Once I saw the finished product, though, I was so very happy with it.

Time to get this into the quilt shop and get ready to find out what next month's block will be. Yeah!

1 comment:

  1. That is a gorgeous block. Absolutely gorgeous. The fabrics really make it striking.